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  Unclaimed Deposit Account Detail


Period of Deposit General Public Senior Citizen
Saving Deposit Balance upto 50 lakh 3% above 50 lakh 4%
7 Days to 14 Days 4.25% for General, 4.75 %for PACS& Staff 4.75% of Senior Citizen
15 Days to 29 Days 4.5% for G.public , 5% for PACS& Staff 5%for senior citizen
30 Days to 45 Days 5% for General , 5.5%for PACS&STAFF 5.5% Senior Citizen
46 Days to 90 Days 5.75% General,6.25% for PACS& Bank Staff 6.25% for Senior Citizen
91 Days to 179 Days 6% for G.Public ,6.5% for PACS& Bank Staff 6.5%for Senior Citizen
180 Days to 270 days 6.25% for General ,6.57% for PACS& Bank Staff 6.75% for Senior Citizen
271 days One year 6.5% General, 7.0%for PACS& Bank Staff 7.0% for Senior Citizen
1 year to < 2 years 6.5% General , 7.0% for PACS&Bank Staff 7.0% for Senior Citizen
2 Year to< 3years 6.25%for General , 6.75% for PACS&Staff 6.75% for Senior Citizen
Reserve Fund Societies 7% for PAC & Bank Staff
Staff Security 6.5% Bank Staff
5 Years and above 6% for General Public,6.5%For PACS&Bank Staff 6.5% for Senior Citizen
3 years< 5 years 6% for General ,6.5%for PACS& Bank Staff 6.5% for Senior Citizen
Saving Bank Deposits General 3.50% , 4% PACS/Bank Staff Senior Citizen 3.5%
Daily Scheme 3.5% for General Public
MT Agriculture
Kisan Credit / Crop Loan /St Agr.
CCL Hypothecation Limit
Cash Credit Limit Soc.PDS/Fertilizers / Weavers
Cash Credit Pledge
SLI( Loan against NSC/KVP/LIC)
Hiring of Bank Accommodation
House Loan to Govt Employees
M..T.L.Non -Agriculture
Term Loan/CCL to Boards/ Corporations
Self Help Group
Tractor Loan
Floriculture & Personal Loan
Irrigation Loan
Agri.Clinic/Agri Buss/CustHiring -Service Centre
Direct Limit tto Horticulturist
Sponsored cases under NB/GOI/NHP etc
CD Loan/Personal Loan to Individual
Vehicle Loans to Non Employees
Vehicle Loan to Govt Employees
Hotel/Motel Loan
Swarojgar Credit Card
Bank Staff
DEDS/Dairy Farming
Loan against Immovable Property
Personal Loan to Govt Employees
Loan against NSC/KVP/LIC
All loans except KCC/Staff loan
House Loan to Non Employees
CCL against immovable property
Cash Credit Limit For Contractors
Over Draft Facility to Housing Loan Borrowers
JCCB Loan Against Salary Scheme
JCCB Two Wheeler Loan Scheme
Current Accounts
Fixed Deposit
Recurring Deposit
Reserve Fund Societies and Staff Security
Saving Bank Account


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